IT Solutions
for Your Industry


OEM Service

Toontec Solutions provides OEM service of laptop PC,  tablet PC(Android/Windows), mini PC  and All-in-One PC in reasonable prices.  We can customize brand logo for  customers in their house brand name.


Toontec Solutions Co., Ltd  provides OEM service of laptop PC, tablet PC(Android/WIN), mini PC  and All-in-One PC in reasonable prices. We can customize brand logo for  customers in their house brand name.


Mass Production

Professional faculties and facilities 
Sufficient and automated production line
ISO qualified production plants

Quality Management

  • Set up test planning for products throughout all stages of casting manufacture, materials and processes

  • Test values, quality parameters and process requirements are monitored with relation to parts and processes

  • Complaint management deals with internal and external errors and complaints

  • Freeze of orders or clearance for shipment with recording of all processes and documents


Logistics & Warehousing

According to the customer’s  needs, we can arrange shipping  by door-to-door air express, sea  or air freight to customers with  competitive price.

Air Transport



•Hong Kong

Ocean Transport


•Hong Kong

After Service & 
Customer Relationship

In any industry, meeting the needs of customers is always a top priority for companies. And customer service is also a leading concern in the industry. 

It is the loyalty of customers and the rate at which customers reuse logistics services is a measure of success in the field of customer care of each business.

Our aim is to bring more value than the core service that customers need and bring the most satisfaction to customers. 

For businesses or business organizations today offer more services to customers besides their main products.