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About Toontec Solutions Consultancy Service

We provide one-stop consultancy services: include website development, digital marketing, start-up operations, professional presentation and communication skills, etc., 
to solve all the pain points that your team will encounter on the way of starting a business,
It is the best partner to accompany your business growth all the way.

Consultancy Service

Our consultants come from well-known large companies and have many years of company practical experience.
We provide: effective advice on business strategy, product and marketing strategy, company profile, business proposal briefing and presentation diagnosis.



Presentation Design

A professional presentation is not just a cool presentation design, but an important proposal and an effective communication method combined with the customer's business strategy.
We provide: executive presentations, company profiles, fundraising presentations, sales kits, presentation planning and communication training.

Brainstorm Team Meeting

Employee Training

External briefing and internal organizational communication are topics that companies need to face every day. Our training is designed based on real work patterns. Through education and training: greatly improve personal communication skills and the effectiveness of communication between companies and customers.

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