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AROO Product Warranty Service

1. The warranty for AROO products starts from the date indicated on the invoice issued by the dealer. Consumers should keep the purchase invoice (or proof of purchase) for warranty claims.

2. The warranty period for different products can be identified by referring to the product serial number identification page. If you have purchased extended warranty (non-original manufacturer warranty) from the dealer, please contact your dealer for the extended warranty period.

3. In the absence of an AROO authorized dealer's sales invoice (or proof of purchase), the warranty period will be determined based on the product's serial number.

4. Warranty periods may vary according to different regions. Please inquire with your place of purchase for specific details.

5. Damage or malfunctions caused by improper use or disassembly of the product are not covered under warranty.

6. Warranty will be void if the product is disassembled by the user or non-AROO authorized engineers.

7. If customers remove or alter the original warranty serial number sticker, or if the serial number sticker does not match the product model specifications, or if the serial number sticker is intentionally tampered with or worn to the point of being unidentifiable, or if the product lacks an AROO serial number label, the warranty will be void, and repair services will not be provided.

8. Before sending the product for repair, please ensure that all important data is fully backed up, and any personal, confidential, or proprietary information stored on the product has been removed. The company will delete any data, software, or programs installed on the product without backing it up. You will be solely responsible for any data loss, damage, or misuse resulting from the failure to create backup files.

Warranty Policy

Warranty Coverage











Warranty Period

2 Years

1 Year

1 Year

1 Year

1 Year

The Company Reserves the Right to Charge Repair Fees Under the Following Circumstances

1. Damage caused by natural disasters, irresistible external forces, or accidents.

2. Malfunctions and damages caused by self-disassembly, unauthorized specification changes, or non-original company accessories.

3. Usage problems and malfunctions caused by software installation and settings.

4. Problems and malfunctions caused by computer viruses.

5. In case of the warranty identification label being torn or illegible, please do not remove the original manufacturer's warranty serial number sticker to protect your rights! Severe oxidation and rust of electronic components due to circuit dampness or water immersion.

6. Other abnormal uses.

Non-warranty Coverage

Even within the warranty period, the following situations are not covered under warranty

1. Products without order numbers or machine numbers that do not match the physical product.

2. Damage caused by improper use, including excessive pressure, dropping, exposure to moisture, water immersion, rain, foreign object intrusion, loss of components, etc.

3. Scratches or wear on parts of the product that can be touched without disassembly during normal use.

4. Damage caused by using non-original accessories or incompatible devices.

5. Damage caused by natural disasters or irresistible external forces.

6. Unauthorized disassembly or repair by personnel not authorized by the company, self-disassembly, modification, or arbitrary specification changes.

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Please ensure that you have backed up important data. We will not be responsible for any data loss caused during the repair process.

Thanks for your assitance, we will get back to you soon!

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