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Japan's KSG and Grit Arts Visit Toontec Solutions to Explore Customized Services and Product Innovat

Toontec Solutions, also known as TTS, welcomed an important visit on May 31, 2023. The President of KSG, Hideaki Tachibana, and the President of Grit Arts, Mayumi Sekiguchi, visited Toontec Solutions to explore the company's services and products.

(The President of KSG, Hideaki Tachibana) (the President of Grit Arts, Mayumi Sekiguchi)

KSG is a hardware and software trading company specializing in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure, while Grit Arts is an ICT equipment maintenance company that provides technical support and services. The purpose of their visit was to gain a deeper understanding of Toontec Solutions' customized services and products.

Toontec Solutions has gained a strong reputation for its professional capabilities. Unlike larger corporations, Toontec Solutions is known for its exceptional customized services that cater to specific customer needs, even in small quantities. This special service approach has attracted the interest of companies like KSG and Grit Arts, who are eager to explore collaboration opportunities and the services provided by Toontec Solutions.

During the visit, both companies closely examined the products offered by Toontec Solutions, which include servers, laptops, and mini PCs. These products are designed to integrate with AI and provide intelligent solutions, delivering exceptional performance and user experience to customers.

(The photos of this event)

Both companies engaged in in-depth discussions with the team at Toontec Solutions. They shared their respective business domains and development plans while exploring potential collaboration opportunities. President Tachibana highly praised Toontec Solutions' customized services and expressed a desire to provide better solutions to KSG's customers through collaboration. Similarly, President Sekiguchi commended Toontec Solutions' technical support and maintenance services, recognizing the company's expertise in this field.

The Toontec Solutions team expressed sincere gratitude for the visit. They stated that the exchange and cooperation with renowned companies like KSG and Grit Arts will further enhance the company's products and services. Toontec Solutions remains committed to meeting customer demands, continuously improving product quality, and working together to provide comprehensive solutions to customers.

This visit established a partnership between Toontec Solutions and KSG and Grit Arts.

It is believed that there will be more successful collaborations in the future. Toontec Solutions is dedicated to continuously delivering innovative products and services to partners and customers.

(Laptop, tablet, mini PC, charger...etc)


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